Setting up a Blog or Website

If your dream project is a blog, I'd love to help you make it work!

Here are a few of the projects I've created myself or helped others to start:

If you need a little boost, and some tips on how to start a blog of your own, I'm happy to help.  In fact, I'll offer a FREE HALF-HOUR consultation, where I'll help you find the resources that helped me get started.  

If you want more help, I'll charge less than a professional website developer, that is guaranteed!   I'll charge $20 per hour for debugging and consultation, and $30 an hour for actual design and set up or maintenance.  If you would like me to write an article for your blog, that's $35 for up to 400 words.  Contact me if you are interested in paying a flat fee for a particular project.

I'm not promising anything fancier than you could learn to do on your own, with a little time and effort.  But if you would rather have me spend that time and effort, sure, I'll let you pay me for that!

Get in touch with me using the form below.  Let me know whether you just want the FREE TIPS and SUPPORT or you'd like more professional help.

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